My Wedding – Your Party

I read everywhere that its “My” wedding, my sister and cousin who recently got married and my cousin about to get married all said its MY wedding…

But is it really your wedding?
I can 100% say its not “my” wedding. Yes I am the bride and Yes Nathan will be the groom. But its NOT MY WEDDING.

I like to think of it more as the first party that Nathan and I will host for everyone (also the last). I want to make sure my mum had a good time. My Vietnamese traditions are upheld. The guest partied all night.

I think by thinking of it like this I can sleep at night.

Nathan and I want to have a completely different wedding then what we are planning. Dont get me wrong what we have planned is lovely. But its no beach party.

Nathan and I want to hire a huge mansion on the beach. Do a semi Vietnamese tea ceremony along side a walk down the isle ceremony then just have cocktail style party for the rest of the night and party all weekend.


So Instead Nathan and I are having a Big small half fat Vietnamese Wedding.

Nathan and groom’s side will come to the Bride’s house and do the Tea Ceremony ( le vu quy) People then get fed! Nathan and I can then go get photos
typically if Nathan was Viet or Chinese we would go back to his and do tea their too. But he ain’t so I won’t. Also we say its a tea ceremony but we don’t serve tea, we serve COGNAC at 10am. ūüôā

Then the reception, we have cut out the church because neither of us are really religious and well my extended family doesn’t really rock up to that. So instead Nathan and I will walk down the isle at the reception SOO they can’t escape it MUHAHAHAHA.

I was forced to invite you, so you’re forced to watch me get married BOOM!

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DIY – wedding

Things I plan to DIY, because well i’m crazy and it’s cheaper

My flowers
Yep my flowers, Thursday morning i’m going to the market and i’m going to buy pastel colored roses and lot of wild flowers!

Save the date cards, invitations and all things paper
I’m gonna design them myself and get them printed at Vista Print!


at the moment i’m thinking painted wine bottles.

I’ll post the progress here soon but at this stage I’m still just drinking wine

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Going home

It’s been a long day, actually a long week. This week I feel like I got know where other than completing assignments. It was another week that I will just forget. This week will blur into all the other weeks. Like all the faces on the train. I catch the same train everyday almost and I know no one. Maybe it’s because I normally have my headphones in listening to a podcast and playing some game on my phone.
I don’t regret any decision in life but someday I feel like I could have done more like travel the world, work abroad or even study.
There is no point regretting something you can’t change, so I keep telling myself. Maybe on day I will. But for now it’s okay to just be.

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Getting No Where

You might notice I actually got engaged ages ago. I attempted to plan things. We at one stage actually BOOKED a venue. But we had to cancel that booking because my big FAT Vietnamese family doesn’t fit.

We originally booked Showtime at South Wharf, but they only fit 200 people sitting down with a dance floor. Sounds pretty big until you realise my family is 200 people!!

I tried to argue with mum that I did not want kids at my wedding. My theory was if they are still in school they should stay home. My mother’s view was how do you invite your cousin and tell them to leave their kids at home, who will baby sit the kids? All the relatives are at my wedding. I do not care who sits their kids, hire this magical thing called a BABYSITTER and honestly I don’t care if they come!!

But apparently NO! I must invite my cousin that I only see at weddings and funerals, plus their annoying little kids that I don’t give a rats ass about ( to be fair I probably care more about the rat’s ass)

Now I’m not saying I don’t like my cousins and extended family, they are lovely. But if I invited you and you couldn’t make it, you would RSVP sorry can’t make it. END OF STORY. but noooooooooooooo not only do my family not RSVP they randomly just ROCK UP!!!!

My sister just got married, we had to call people to RSVP, they then said nah only 1 person will come. Come wedding day, their family of 5 came! 5 people!!! What the F, where do you seat 5 freaken people!!

After my sister got married, Nathan and I cancelled the booking, there was no way my big FAT Vietnamese family would fit and would correctly RSVP.

This is what Showtime looks like.

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Wedding Checklist

The Checklist of shit I think I need/want at my wedding.

Date: 19/01/2015



[ ] Photo Dress

[ ] Evening Dress

[x] Veil

[ ] Lingerie

[ ] Hair and make up

[ ] Wedding shoes

[ ] Ao Dai (Vietnamese Tradition Dress) [I have it but isn’t not ready I need to put red beads on it}


[ ] Nathan’s Suit

[ ] Cufflinks

[ ] Nathan’s Shoes


[ ] Bridesmaids

[ ] Bridesmaids’ Dress

[ ] Bridesmaids’ Shoes

[ ] Hair and make up


[ ] Groomsmen

[ ] Groomsmen Suits

[ ] Groomsmen Shoes


Tea Ceremony

[ ] Catering

[ ] Tea Crap and trays

[ ] 1 bottle of Cognac

[ ] Earrings

[ ] Necklace

Official Wedding Ceremony

[ ] Celebrant

[ ] Marriage Licence


[ ] Venue

[ ] Catering

[ ] DJ

[ ] Cake

[ ] Cake Knife

[ ] Centerpieces

[ ] 20 – 30 bottles of Cognac

[ ] Letter Lights

[ ] Photobooth

[ ] Candy bar

[ ] Decorations


[ ] Bride’s Bouquet

[ ] Bridesmaids’ Bouquet

[ ] Boutonnieres


[ ] Photographer

[ ] Pre-shoot

[ ] Pre-print for reception

[ ] Videography


[ ] Save the date cards

[ ] Invitations

[ ] Place cards

[ ] Table numbers

[ ] Seating Plan

[ ] Cars

46 items so far

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The Hunt – Wedding Dress Edition

So I kinda need a wedding dress…. you know getting married and all…

I will go the standard “white” wedding dress…. ignore the “purity” sentiment, we all know that left the building years ago.

I want a backless, strapless puffy fluffy dress, that makes me look AWESOME!

I already picked my non puffy fluffy dress that I will change into after I’m done with photos and I’m attempting to move around the venue. Its this awesome Anna Campbell dress. I’m avoiding ‘Sylvia’ because that’s what my cousin wore at her wedding….. or was it ‘Melissa’ (trolls facebook to check) Actually I have no idea but either way I’ll stay away from them.

I’m really loving “Aisling’

images from

I want beads/sparkly things on my dress because they seem like all the rage. This is starting to feel impossible…..

My mother also wants me to find some kind of dress to hide my tattoo. i have a “&” on my left side between my shoulder and collar bone….. Lets face it that not going to happen… but she has hope.

Wedding ideas are a plenty, Wedding actual stuff booked or ready

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So I said yes.

On the 20th of May 2014 my beautiful now fiancé asked me to marry him. Today we are getting closer to the 1 year mark before we officially get married.

Nathan and I plan to tie the know 26/04/2016. I wanted to blog my official journey seeing up until now no real planning has occurred, bysides the arguments with my parents about how I need to have my wedding. I’m so lucky to have Nathan, he has been incredibly supportive.

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