Purple Lipstick Shopping

So yesterday I went purple lipstick shopping at Mecca Maxima.
I love going here the staff are amazing, plus they are happy to help you find a color from any brand they stock.

We only tried 3 in store due to time and color matching with my skin tone.
I learnt something from all this, my natural lip color is very pink unless it is high pigmented lipstick, anything sheer will look pink/reddish on my lips.

Brand: Smashbox
Range: Be Legendary Lipstick
Color: Vivid Violet
Price: $26.00

This was the darkest of the purples I tried. It went on really well. I love the Be legendary range, they are long lasting yet creamy.

I totally would recommend this lippy and color, but it wasn’t want I was really looking for.

Brand: Stila
Range: Color balm lipstick
Color: Gemma
Price: $29.00

This lipstick color was absolutely gorgeous, it has the most mild tingle when applying, I think this is the minty balm component however it didn’t go on as smooth as the smashbox lippy. I recommend using a balm first before applying this lippy.

Brand:  Too Faced
Range: Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick
Color: Violet
Price: $28.00

This color is AMAZING. It was my clear favorite. However word of warning with this particular range your lips need to be in perfect condition, if your lips are peeling this isn’t for you. This lippy will last a long time however it will dry out as it drys matte, I recommend applying with a lip brush.

As much as I love it, it’s not for every day use, but it was our favorite. In the last picture that my bestie Trung giving his pout of approval.

I will make another post of the purple lipstick I have purchased to play around with soon. xx

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Day 5 of My Good Hair Week

Day 5 also its FRIDAY!

I spent a little more time on my hair today then any other day to be honest.
Its easy side bun.
I started it by tying half of my hair then twirling and twisting it into a bun pinning that to my head. Then parting smaller sections twirling and twisting it into a bun pinning randomly near my bigger bun.
You could make this a lot prettier/fancier by not starting with a big bun and doing a lot of little twirls but for a easy work up-do this is pretty enough.

Depending on how I feel I might make the tutorial depending on everyone’s thoughts

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truth or flare by Essie

I painted my nails last night, a new color I’ve never tried before. It was also a brand that I don’t normally use either.

Introducing truth or flare by Essie

truth or flare by Essie

This is how it looks on my nails
collection-shade_truth-of-flarePro: Essie dried pretty quickly

Con: Tiny brush

Price : $16.95 for 13.5mls

Honestly I feel like I put slightly blue white out on my nails. My nails are so bright, I haven’t come to enjoy this color yet. Also side note Essie has a small brush compared to OPI and China Glaze. So I wan’t very good at applying the polish on and I think I will need a few coat when I get home. This is a minimum 2 coat polish. To be completely honestly I think with it’s price point I rather buy OPI
I’ll update in a week to let you know how long it lasted.

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Day 4 of My Good Hair Week

Day 4
I started with the top knot but wasn’t in love, I don’t know in the pictures everyone seems to have these voluminous knots and mine was a a little bun .

Day 4 Good Hair Week – Top Knot

I didn’t like it much so I undid all the booby pins and left it as a simple ponytail, I added the headband for some extra detail.

Day 4 Good Hair week Simple ponytail

Its actually getting really hard to come up with new styles everyday, plus I also need these styles to be work appropriate as I work in a corporate environment. Also I will not wake up earlier than I have to do my hair. I ready wake up early enough to get to work.

If anyone else is having ago at a good hair week let me know 🙂

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Day 3 of my Good Hair week

Day 3
I actually did this style while on the train… I’m sure everyone around me was annoyed at my constant re-attempts.

The side on my chignon looks lovely the back not so much. I feel like if my hair was shorter it would have been easier.

Day 3 of Good Hair Week

For the tutorial for this look I visited http://yetanotherbeautysite.com/
They have these lovely tutorials there for hairstyles really nice clean pictures I’m pretty sure my Pinterest is full of their images. I would recommend watching a video of this hair style too. I still have no idea where they hid all the hair.easy_chignon

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