Sale Time

Let start with the disclaimer, I know this can get a little messy.
I am in no way associated with The Iconic, I just shop there.

If you don’t already know then you now know THEY ARE HAVING A SALE
70% OFF SHOES Last sizes!! But still 70%

2015-04-30 09_22_18-70% Off Shoes Last Sizes _ Men _ THE ICONIC _ Australia



Tea + Toast 

This morning I had the pleasure of attending T2teas Tea + Toast. I invited my bestie, Laura, to join me and I must say we had a blast. I also learnt I’m a tea pusher.  I push people to drink tea. DRINK TEA!!

Of course Laura and I then continued downstairs for shopping. Here is where I pushed more teas onto Laura.

        All the T2 stores are so amazingly decorated and styled.

The moment when Laura cracked.

  This store appeals to me in so many ways. I can’t express how much I love the Petri dish style containers here

What do I do…

So today I met a fellow Melbourne blogger Ricky from
(food blogger!!)
Ricky asked me what do I blog about….

My first answer….. Me

Now to think about it, let’s go with “lifestyle”, ME sounds really self-absorbed

But let’s explore my past week seeing that I’m indulging myself.

I met up with the bundle of fun Trung for Lunch on a rainy Saturday.  

On Sunday, I painted my nails and discovered my dog is cooler than I am.
    Boston joining in the conversation because he is peoples

I have two addictions currently in my life……. see if you can guess.


And so that is my week so far….

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Mother’s Day

Argh I was reminded that it was mother’s day soon, another day where I get contemplate my life and wonder what I could have possibly given my mother as a gift that she would actually like.

Things that mother likes: doctors, A+, extra credit, my cousins, other people’s kids I’ve never meet and Anh Do.

I think I’ll just buy another feather duster, we will all get use out of that….

I found this on BuzzFeed and its pretty much true

Weddings By Papertents

Sorry I haven’t made a post in a little while,
I hope you missed me, I’ve been so busy working on Papertents – wedding planning.

It is INSANE styling weddings. Some brides are amazing to work with and some are very stressed.

I’ve fallen in love with this project of mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to be there on your special day 🙂

botanical_gardens_spring_wedding_20 botanical_gardens_spring_wedding_9 botanical_gardens_spring_wedding_10 (1) botanical_gardens_spring_wedding_11 botanical_gardens_spring_wedding_13 botanical_gardens_spring_wedding_14 botanical_gardens_spring_wedding_15 botanical_gardens_spring_wedding_17