BECCA x Jaclyn Hill

BECCA collaborated Jaclyn Hill to create a new limited-edition shade of their bestselling luminizer powder

If you don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is she is a  YouTube beauty celebrity and makeup artist .

Back on to the important stuff the new limited-edition shade of the BECCA bestselling luminizer powder is… Champagne Pop—a soft white, gold shade with pinky peach undertones

Champagne Pop releases next month July 2nd at and July 16th in Sephora stores( Sorry Aussies, its not for us yet)  and will be limited edition. I can imagine the website will end up crashing based on how many people are extremely excited about this collaboration, so get your clicking ready or be ready to line up in store.

Pretty much the colour
Champagne Pop is a soft, white gold shade with golden undertones and a hint of peach.It’s some where right in between BECCA Moonstone and Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector

It’s safe to say BECCA cosmetics is super excited.

Please let me know if you manage to get your hands on one and your thoughts


If you follow any beauty blog or beauty news site I’m sure you have seen ColourPop

Random side note, I’m surprised for a beauty brand made in the US it spells colour with a U. Their website FAQ states
Why do you spell ColourPop with a “u”?
Umm…because we embrace every opportunity to be classy. Colour without the “u,” so basic.

I’m finally excited about this brand as they now ship to Australia. Shipping is charged based on weight, so it is what it is. But it is AMAZING

ColourPop cosmetics is an Indy cosmetics brand making a huge impact on the Beauty Industry in 2015. Pretty much they broke the internet when they launched. Youtube and instagram melted over Colourpop. Their products are unique, cruelty-free cosmetics for an affordable price, let’s be honest with each other here the cost of Beauty is HIGH in Australia.
Their packaging its super simple and clean yet so pretty. I’m currently waiting by the letter box for my order to come but in the interim I got to test some products as one of my friends orders some stuff for herself. But she barely let me have any.
Pretty much I’ll summarise what the internet had to stay about Colourpop Eyeshadows just in case you missed it:
  • Very pigment
  • so creamy
  • wet-feeling
  • really sparkly
  • long-wearing
  • And the main thing that has really made the internet BOOM is: it’s unlike any shadow on the market and you have to try it.
  • Did we mention it is SOO pigmented.

Super Shock Shadows as a thin, cream shadow not a powder even though it looks like it in the photos. The formula is very silicone (dimethicone) based so consistency feels slippery and velvety to touch, kinda creamy, moussey and this is why everyone is saying it has a wet like feeling. You need to use your finger to apply, your wasting your time if you use a brush to apply! Colourpop are really big on reminding you to keep the lid on tight to avoid drying out.

Tips for application, Colourpop also has this on their website and YOU SHOULD FOLLOW IT

For maximum coverage: Use fingertip and tap shadow onto eye lid. A flat, fine tip synthetic brush will work fabulously as well and is actually better for a more detailed application close to the lash line. However, your fingertips make for the most intense application. To blend: Use a fluffy brush that has good movement, dip tip of the brush into the shadow and blend with a “wind shield wiper” movement throughout the crease of the eye. This will make your shadow softer and more diffused (like a total pro). When finished, close that sucker up tight! Don’t leave the jar opened for long periods of time, you may lose some of the magic that makes the Super Shock Shadow so amazzzing.

My only negative point is the pan is only few millimetres deep, If you use it daily you might hit the pan sooner than expected but at $5USD that’s not too bad, just make sure it doesn’t dry out before you run out.

Have you guys tried Colourpop, what are your thoughts?


I seriously have been so lipy lately.

I normally don’t make this many blog posts but urgent news calls for urgent posts.

Kendall Jenner Has Her Own Estée Lauder Lipstick

You can shop Kendall Jenner’s Estee Lauder favourites here 

Her new signature lipstick shade called Restless is described as part poppy, part orange crush, all matte, all Kendall.
It comes in a matte black tube with Kendall signature on it.

Kendall has been promoting it already on her instagram page

The fans certainly seem to agree. Withing 15 hours of first posting it on Instagram, the photo has nearly nearly 900,000+ likes

Estee Lauder shared on Twitter that Kendall and her pretty pout tweeting: ‘When Kendall Jenner comes up with her own lipstick shade, you know you need it’.

But seriously when it comes to style Kendall is killing it
She is all over Vogue.

And if you have been paying attention to her instagram page, you knew this collaboration was coming

She total slayed in this dress

Its time to get #restless

Smashbox’s #SHAPEMATTERS Palette

New  Smashbox Palette includes four face powders, nine eyeshadows, a brow wax, two brow powders, and a double-ended brush. It’s like the must have palette for your makeup kit.

Get the details here or buy one for $65.00. At the moment you must be a VIB Rouge or VIB to qualify for this product.
This set contains:
– 9 x 0.049 oz Photo Op Eye Shadows in Vanilla, Totally Nude, Champagne, Stripped, Posh, Platinum, Sumatra, Aubergine, Blackout
– 3 x 0.37 oz Contour Powder in Contour, Bronze, Highlight
– 0.12 oz Highlighter in Glow
– 2 x 0.04 oz Brow Tech Powder in Taupe, Soft Brown
– 0.04 oz Brow Tech Wax
– Double-Ended Shadow/Brow Brush
– Interactive Get The Look Cards (Brow, Face, Eye)
– #SHAPEMATTERS inserts with basic shaping steps

I love Smashbox, but at $65 USD just about everything in this palette has to work decently, or it’s not worth buying. Like if the contours don’t work well with me or the eyeshadows that’s $65USD that I’m not unhappy about. I might hold off on this one and wait for the reviews before I get one.

Fallout Shelter

After E3 Bethesda launched their new mobile game Fallout Shelter

First let me start by say, all my dwellers are sick, but God I’m addicted to this game. 

 It has the funniest little quirky moments. Everyone in my vault was happy for all of 2 hours before I had to go to work and now I feel like as an overseer I have failed my peeps.

EVERYONE IS SICK, I didn’t have enough water so they are all SICK!!
Radiation poisoning will do that…
Sorry Dwellers

  Sometimes I feel really morbid, all my dwellers are suffering some kind of illness while I treat more water, yet I have people making babies in the next room. Also really weird All my children born in my vault have 1 or 2 fathers. So they are all going to be related but that’s future oversee’s issues.

Serious major Pro-tip actually shut down the game when your going to be away for long periods of time. For some reason there have been some issues with this, the game is meant to know you have left the game and slow the rate of decay but isn’t doesn’t unless you fully close the app.

I wish I googled and read some guides before I started playing this game, I have 6 dwellers ALL SICK, I don’t know if i can continue or should I just start a new game. but but I also spend money…. yes the game is free to play and yes you can completely play the game without spending a cent but I couldn’t help myself my peeps needed more.

I’ve already lost 2 days of my life but this game is brilliant and I love it.

So here are the basic tips and guides the live by:

Special stats

Strength: Dwellers with high strength stats are best suited for work in power plants.

Perception: Perceptive dwellers are best suited for work in water treatment plants.

Endurance: Dwellers with high endurance are best suited for exploring the wasteland or for manning Nuka-Cola production plants.

Charisma: Charismatic dwellers are your most charming citizens and are best suited for work in radio stations or making babies. *winkie face*

Intelligence: Intelligent dwellers are best suited for medical bays or science laboratory.

Agility: Dwellers with high agility are best suited to work in restaurants.

Luck: high luck means better ‘rush’ chances, and also gives you better items while out in the wasteland.

Putting two of the same type of room next to each other will combine the rooms making them easier to manage and upgrade. Also I find upgrading works better then build 10 of the same room.

BUILD THE RADIO ASAP, it makes dwellers happy

Dress your dweller appropriately, or at least just dress them.

Dress everyone up and know the stats

Keep your happiness between 90% – 100%
& make babies 


Winter – Feet

Its FREEZING…. enough said.
I have no understanding how some people function in this cold and especially the ones who look amazing in the freezing cold.

Celebrities seriously give me issues, I know a New York winter is like 10x worse than what I’m getting and then you see someone looking FLAWLESS. I’m lucky I even made it out of bed.

Meranda Kerr, always looks amazing


I’ll see some ad with a girl looking like above.
Seriously girl put some pants on!

But Winter isn’t all bad. Winter for me is like prep season. Prepping my self for summer.

Lets start from the bottom.

Let’s be honest: out of all our body parts, feet are probably the most gross. In saying that I love a good foot massage.

So lets takes some steps to make them less gross and all pretty pretty.

1. Soak them

Make a little foot bath by filling a bucket with warm to hot water. I like Hot water because I sit my feet in there forever! You can add like Epson salt or foot soak that you might like for that spa feeling

2. Scrub them

After you have soak them and now the skin is all nice and soft, use a foot scrub or file to remove any dead/excess skin. You can keep them in your bucket and then throw all the mess down the drain later.

3. Maintain them

This is now the perfect time to cut and file your nails.

4. Moisturize them

Find your favorite foot cream and give your feet a good rub down, depending if you’re going to paint them or not, you can now slip on some bed socks to keep them hydrated all night

5. Paint them

Pick your favorite nail polish color and give your toes a little love and now every time you look down at your feet you won’t think about how gross they are.

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company is launching a beauty range

Earlier this week Jessica Alba announced that The Honest Company, the eco-friendly household and baby product company that she co-founded four years ago, will be launching a beauty range this fall(US Fall).

Honest Beauty Instagram account already has 22k followers. There hasn’t really been any details other than a few photos here there on Instagram.

Everyone is now wondering if it will be just makeup or will it include skin care

Oh recently The Honest Company was valued at $1 billion. Just saying

As exciting and all this is, it’s just another company that doesn’t ship to Australia

As exciting and all this is, it’s just another company that doesn’t ship to Australia