For spring 2016, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana spoke to the tourist in all of us. They set up the show with four large screens hung above the audience displaying one word: “Selfie.” As the show began, the screens read, “The models walking the fashion show will be taking selfies with you, which will be published online. Be part of this unique fashion moment!”

The collection entitled “Italia is love”,  presented a 1950s picture-postcard view of Italy over a very 90’s looks. Places included Amalfi, Capri, Portofino, Taormina and of course Rome!

My Instagram feed was full of the pictures from the models and DG, I loved the whole idea and the collection is so fun and colourful.

Check out @dolcegabbana or Dolce & Gabbana for more photos

Basic makeup tips

Here are some real easy makeup tips to add your routine, or to help you cut down your routine in summer.

In the summer months I only use a few products because wearing too much makeup in summer is just a bad idea. I also like to limit the amount of products so I’m not spending all day painting my face.

Start with SPF protection. Its summer, its sunny! I normally buy a BB or foundation with coverage however in summer I use a dedicated SPF cream because it’s much more sunnier and I find that I sit in the sun more often. I’m using SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+

Using a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer is a quick & easy way to even out your skintone and its not to heavy. I’m currently using Garnier Miracle Skin Cream Day cream

Mineral powder over the top of your tinted moisturizer or BB cream will smooth out imperfections & cut back redness, giving your skin a beautiful satiny finish and set your “makeup”. I’m using Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover

Blusher is an instant face brightener, it warms the face. I’m using MAC pro longwear blush in Blush all day

In summer a long wearing eyeliner is always a good idea, I use the Maybelline  eyestudio master precise ink pen eyeliner. It has a really thin tip that I use to build up my look depending on how I feel that day

When applying mascara take care to layer it on to the lashes while they are still wet to avoid ‘clumping’. I’m currently using Maybelline Lash Sensational Black Pearl Waterproof. I like using waterproof in summer because you never know when I might drop by the beach or end up just sweating up a storm.

Light to medium lipsticks are the most flattering,  as bright colours exaggerate imperfections like yellow teeth & lines round the mouth. But Red lipstick stick can add that touch of glamour to your look. Remember to use a lip liner to prevent bleeding. I’m currently using Rimmel Dare to go bare! New Nude collection from Kate Moss in 42

Holiday Launches 2015 at Sephora

Shop everything mention below here at Sephora 

So there have been a few new launches at Sephora. I’m a big shopaholic when it comes to the holiday season because I find this time of the year it’s when all the brands launch really nice collections. So to some degree you get less product but you get more of everything and this way you can try everything without breaking the bank.  Here are a few of my favourites from Sephora. Happy Shopping

Laura Mercier Master Class Colour Essentials

Laura Mercier Haute Lips Full Colour Lip Trio

Sephora collection Beautiful Crush Blockbuster Palette

Best Bite Rewind

Bite Discovery Set

Benefit Cosmetics Real Sexy Steal

Bobbi Brown Dark Chocolate Eye Set

bareMinerals discover COMPLEXION RESCUE™ 3-Piece Introductory Collection

Too Faced Most Loved Set

Fake a Clean House

Sometimes you should have cleaned your place weeks ago but you still haven’t and now you’re living in your own filth. I know I have a habit of just throwing my clothes all over the floor and when I’m going out and rushing around my beauty products are everywhere. So here are some tips and tricks to fake it.

Things to focus on are bathrooms and lounge area.

Stuff of the floor?

Shove it in a basket, once your guests leave, you can empty that basket right back on the floor.

Stuff on tables/counters?

Books and magazines can be stacked they look cuter this way. Everything else put them in a basket or bag, you can empty that basket right back once they leave.

Dirty dishes?

If you have dishwasher LOAD IT. If not, neatly stack your dishes and stash it all in the refrigerator or oven.

Dirty bathroom?

Wipe down sink and mirrors, top and underside of the toilet seat, the flusher button, and the top of the tank. Clean your toilet by spraying it, let it sit, brush it then flush it. Finally put out fresh towels

Finally my favourite trick:

Light a candle

A candle does many things. It makes your house smell amazing and it mask all the dirty musky smells, and it gives your home a feeling that it always smells this nice.

Product recommendation:

Air wick life scents jar candle in winter moments

If all fails start vacuuming before they come and just apologise that the house is a mess and you were just cleaning it

Stop Sleeping in your Make up

I’ve been there its 5am, it’s been a long night of dancing and drinking. All you want to do now is just lie down and count sheep. We all know that sleeping in makeup is bad for your skin. Yet we all keep doing it but NO we must stop!

Sleeping in makeup is one of the worst things you can do to your skin! It blocks your pores, leaving oils trapped inside. Which guess what ladies…. leads to bacteria build up, breakouts, and enlarged pores!!! Not only that it can cause aging ladies…. aging!!

So next you plan on skipping your skincare routine before bedtime think again.

If you know your gonna have a big one prepare yourself for your lazy self, put makeup wipes/remover and at least a good moisturizer by your bed. So you can at least remove the makeup in bed and do a little skin loving.

The best makeup remover you can use is micellar water. It removes all traces of make-up – even eyeliner and mascara. To get the most out of your micellar water, squirt a generous amount on a soft cotton pad and wipe your face repeatedly until your skin is clean and clear of any traces of dirt and make-up.

Owning a Maremma

With the new movie Oddball recently released my baby Boston as gotten a lot of attention.

I want to start by saying Maremma are generally not suited to suburbia due to barking and over protective behaviour.

So while walking Boston a lot of little kids have yelled out Oddball and have come to pat Boston, which hasn’t been bad but Boston isn’t like every dog and he is especially not like every Maremma. Maremmas are a wonderful breed of dog, they are loyal, friendly and intelligent, but many people are unprepared for some of their not to fun traits. They have a tendency to bark and when off the lead may not come back without a fight. They might not listen to your commands when they feel a threat presenting itself. Pretty much they know when it’s a trap.

Boston on the other hand, does have some naughty traits as above but he was socialized very young with both people and other dogs so he doesn’t have some of the even worst traits which is they can be wary of strangers. He isn’t ever too over protective and he is just a dream.

I wanted to make this post to let people know as with ALL dog they need training, it’s very rare that your dog is going to be a perfect pup from day dot. But with the right training and love any dog can be a friend for life.

I thought I will leave you with all the adorable photos of Boston12028971_10153743328698313_1784856640_n 12022970_10153743328638313_1086013218_n12033711_10153743328643313_1844747678_n  12047609_10153743328728313_1319517220_n 12042288_10153743328753313_1776437959_n 12053389_10153743328778313_1865131597_n 12041870_10153743328658313_1859762629_n 12032576_10153743328683313_1881994155_n 12030656_10153743328733313_423860077_n 12029046_10153743328688313_1499274784_n 12028963_10153743328668313_1488055993_n 10544989_10153743328708313_616540873_n 11998503_10153743328743313_1279626678_n 12016437_10153743328723313_621790716_n IMG_9973