Fitness & Yoga & bad habits

So I’ve been doing yoga for about a month now at the very awesome Move yoga studio in Melbourne. Any Melbournians thinking of doing yoga come join us on the mat.

I’ll have to take a photo of me and my current state when I get home. I’m not trying to brag or anything like FYI. So let’s start from the start.

I would personally  describe myself as slim, I’m not a tinny tiny skinny girl nor am I athletically built, without any professional training or advice I would categorize myself as an ectomorph.

As a child I was very athletic, I used to train for cross country almost every day. I ran the 3km or 1.5km races and I did high-jump, played volleyball and netball because I was tall. 179cm tall to be exact (now). In high school this carried on with school sport but everything changed during Uni.

I was no longer walking everywhere or playing sport, this is when I decided to start playing indoor volleyball with friends we play weekly until we didn’t.

My weight yo-yo here, I was never that unhappy with myself that I would suddenly diet or anything like that but I remember my ex (boyfriend at the time) told me that I had lost a lot of muscle mass and I was not just thin because I was. I was no longer toned.  This never really occurred to me until this point, yes while I was younger I once did have the core/abs of a rock star but I thought I was fine out it. Fine enough that well I didn’t get an hit the gym the next day, but not, so I would walk my dog.

Forward a few months maybe a year I met Nathan and we joined the gym together. We would go but then not go, as soon as his contract ended he cancelled his membership. I on the other hand tried to get at it but let’s be honest here barely got my monies worth of gym.

All I ever did at them gym was cardio and stretching. So after a while I canceled my membership too.

And then 1 month ago I came across the fairly new yoga studio move. I have signed up for there membership and I’ve been to at least 4/5 weekdays and when I first started I was even doing double yoga, sometimes even triple.

What I really learnt about myself and fitness is I have to make it as easy as possible. I go to yoga almost every night because it is convenient I walk out of work and yoga is pretty much a part of my way home.  It’s hard to commit if you have to make the effort to get there.

These are the small things that I have changed in my life and I’m really happy with the relationship I have with my body now.

Things that I do to keep myself going.

1. Make it as convenient as possible to exercise, yes the gym that is further away might be cheaper but you cannot be trusted to go.
2. Carry water every where you go, you’ll end up drinking it.
3.Before you buy a whole new “workout” wardrobe set yourself a mini goal like, if I go to the gym conservatively for a week then I’ll get new pants.
4. Eat right. Carry around healthy snacks and be okay that some days you are just going to eat that whole block of milk chocolate.
5. Follow Fitness bloggers or Instagramers for inspiration.
6. Get a good night sleep.
7. Reward yourself

April Monthly Challenge

I love monthly Challenges  I Love Love Love Challenges.
I think its my competitive nature, my inner I can do anything!

I love starting challenges and see how long I can go before everything turns to Sh*t.

I make no promises I’ll make it to the end…. I never do, some things yes most things no. Life just gets in the way. I remember once I was trying this no eating at 7pm challenge, I vague remember it was good for you in some way, but then my boyfriend of the time took me to dinner and then I had cake and then we got ice cream…..

So things I’m going to try in April,
30 day make up challenge
30 day Yoga challenge
As always
30 day abs
30 day squats

I do the Abs and squats all the time, I think they are great. I don’t them as often as I should.

I have modified the makeup challenge a little, as I work in a very corporate environment and I’m not rocking up to a company meeting with NEON eyeliner.

As well as these challenges I will make some commitments:

  1. walk my dog more
  2. drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning when I walk up.
  3. I’m going to try to buy NOTHING online (unless its wedding related)

Are you starting an challenges? Do you recommend any?

30 Day Makeup Challenge, I made myself because I has to tweak it.30 Day Makeup Challenge

The 31 day Yoga challenge I found on Pinterest but the original image comes from skinny mom


The 30 day Squat and Abs challenge, are the ones I use all the time from 30 day fitness challenges


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