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Re-posting because this is super important!!
Its almost summer and this is a serious topic ladies and gentlemen, Sunscreen. Scientific evidence supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize short-term and long-term damage to the skin from the sun’s rays. Here is a quick list of sunscreen you can buy

Anthelios XL Ultra-light SPF 50+

I use this one, I find it isn’t to oily or greasy. I find that I can easy add it to my beauty routine.  It’s extremely lightweight has fast absorbing formula. It doesn’t leave the white residue some sunscreens do and I can apply it under my makeup.


Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+

To Save Face applies like moisturiser, I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.2293779

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+

I think this is the perfect way to incorporate sunscreen into your daily beauty routine. Having sunscreen in your CC cream you received all the benefits of a CC with the added bonus of sunscreen.zoom_f538ac997a5121b40159115a6b36f40c00c406c0_1462862533_it_cccream_fair_web

Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50

Great light weight moisturizer adsorbs really quickly into the skin. Perfect for everyday wear as its not a heavy or oily on the skin however, it is the most expensive out of all my recommendations.dermalogica-age-smart-dynamic-skin-recovery-50ml


Shine like the whole universe is yours

What do I do…

So today I met a fellow Melbourne blogger Ricky from
(food blogger!!)
Ricky asked me what do I blog about….

My first answer….. Me

Now to think about it, let’s go with “lifestyle”, ME sounds really self-absorbed

But let’s explore my past week seeing that I’m indulging myself.

I met up with the bundle of fun Trung for Lunch on a rainy Saturday.  

On Sunday, I painted my nails and discovered my dog is cooler than I am.
    Boston joining in the conversation because he is peoples

I have two addictions currently in my life……. see if you can guess.


And so that is my week so far….

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