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Re-posting because this is super important!!
Its almost summer and this is a serious topic ladies and gentlemen, Sunscreen. Scientific evidence supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize short-term and long-term damage to the skin from the sun’s rays. Here is a quick list of sunscreen you can buy

Anthelios XL Ultra-light SPF 50+

I use this one, I find it isn’t to oily or greasy. I find that I can easy add it to my beauty routine.  It’s extremely lightweight has fast absorbing formula. It doesn’t leave the white residue some sunscreens do and I can apply it under my makeup.


Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+

To Save Face applies like moisturiser, I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.2293779

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+

I think this is the perfect way to incorporate sunscreen into your daily beauty routine. Having sunscreen in your CC cream you received all the benefits of a CC with the added bonus of sunscreen.zoom_f538ac997a5121b40159115a6b36f40c00c406c0_1462862533_it_cccream_fair_web

Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50

Great light weight moisturizer adsorbs really quickly into the skin. Perfect for everyday wear as its not a heavy or oily on the skin however, it is the most expensive out of all my recommendations.dermalogica-age-smart-dynamic-skin-recovery-50ml


Shine like the whole universe is yours

A new outlook on life

So it wasn’t long ago I was in a toxic relationship, not the kind that comes to mind when people say they were in a toxic relationship. This one was in the workplace. I was apart of an unhealthy work environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved most of my colleagues. I miss working with them dearly, they made the days bearable. Unfortunately, one of my colleagues was a royal donkey. There is nothing worse than your manager being narcissistic pain in the bottom. Whilst we tried HR mediation, it doesn’t work when your manager thinks he is better than whatever session/training, it also doesn’t help if the company doesn’t really want to address the problem but instead just wants to sweep it under a rug.

I stayed longer than I should have because of my work friends. They made every day enjoyable to be there, we had a real sense of team, I really enjoyed work with them and I miss the dynamic we had. Even more so when thinking about it I have total FOMO.

Finally, I made the move to change jobs and it was the best decision I have ever made. I have never been happier. I can honestly say I love my job. I love going to work, I love being at work and more importantly it gives me motivation to get up in the morning.

On the back of this I wanted to share with you the signs it’s time to move on.
The same signs apply for personal relationships too not just business.


It’s never too late to take that step to get out of a toxic relationship and the earlier you do it the more you will thank yourself for doing it and the better off you will be.

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Office Beauty: what’s in my desk drawers

I’ve seen lately many articles with must have items in your office drawer, some of them I completely agree with like oil blotters but a hair straightener seems a bit over dramatic.

Here is what actually lives in my office desk drawer, these items forever live there. So don’t mind the fact there isn’t any makeup, all my makeup comes and goes with me.

Most important item that lives at work
Moxie – Slenders

Image from

It’s a 2 pack in really cute packaging. Ladies I don’t need to express why it is so important to keep things like this at your desk. I know that I have a convenient store across the road from my office but in an event of an emergency that store isn’t convenient enough.

Hair ties/ elastics

Scunci Hair elastics

Image from

I have long hair and hair elastics are an everyday necessity for anyone with medium to long hair.  Scunci Hair elastics are the bomb! They don’t have the metal bit that gets stuck in your hair and pulls all your hair out.

Blotting paper

I can’t leave the house without this, I have a very oily T-zone. Yes, you could use a tissue or a napkin but blotting paper removes all the oil but leave the makeup in place. The one that’s in the picture above is just a cheapy I purchased from Daiso for $2.80. Normally I use Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets


EyeBuyDirect – Chilling in Pink/Floral

Image from

I have astigmatism, pretty much my eyeball isn’t round but more football. So everything at a distance is kind of blurry and wavy. I don’t need glasses to see see and I mean that in the sense that my prescription is so low that I don’t need glasses to see. I wear  them when I’m working or studying so that my eyes don’t get fatigued. I really recommend everyone get glasses from EyeBuyDirect they are really affordable. My new love is  the one above and the frame only cost $20!


My dental hygiene could be improved by brushing my teeth after lunch. I haven’t gotten to that level yet, but I’m a strong believer in flossing. I can’t stand food stuck in my teeth. Here’s a no-brainer tip for easy flossing: Try storing floss in your car, in your bag or in your office drawer.  Flossing helps prevent gum disease and cavities and NOT flossing is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, it makes you wonder why more people don’t do it.

Lip Balm

EOS – Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Sweet Mint

Image from

I’m in love with EOS their lip balms are so cutely packaged. EOS lip balms have been around for quite a while now, and they have so many celebrities using them including Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Kylie Jenner… just to name a few. Their lip balms smell amazing and they have this tingly feeling that last for a little bit that I also am a big fan of. Plus who doesn’t have lip balm with them because I hate the feeling when you don’t have one, all you do is keep licking your lips but it doesn’t help.

Hand Cream

MOR – Lychee Flower Hand Cream

Image from

Everyone should always carry around hand cream with them. You can never moisturize your hand enough. MOR Lychee Flower  is amazing absorbs well and is perfectly sized for your desk drawer or handbag, plus it smells amazing. Their whole range smells AMAZING! The packaging from my photo to the product photo does differ because MOR recently released new packing designs.

Hair Products
Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Strengthening Hair Oil

Image from

Schwarzkopf  – Essence Ultime Omega Repair Beauty Balm

Image from

I have so many hair products that I have stashed everywhere because I dye my hair so often my hair is DEAD. All these products help give my hair that appearance that  I have my sh*t together.
Garnier claims that Fructis Goodbye Damage Strengthening Hair Oil can Reverse 1 year of damage in 1 week! Of course this is base on their T&Cs but when you start using this product you can understand why they make this bold claim! And my God does this product just smell delicious!

Essence Ultime Omega Repair Beauty Balm isgreat . Like all of the Schwarzkopf  range this product  smells nice andsweet, and isn’t too strong so you don’t have to worry about it but your hair is will still be nice to smell. The pump works great to get just the right amount.

So ladies what do you have in your office drawers?