Brunch Diary : Mayday Coffee and Food

On a recent “sunny” Sunday I met up with my girl Laura for brunch at Mayday Coffee on Bridge Road, Richmond. It was a fairly new cafe that I stalked down on instagram.  It’s the newest cafe from the team behind Axil Coffee, so you will see their mugs about.  I was there for the eton mess.

The cafe is very typical trendy, I’m not saying that in a bad way, I’m just saying that currently the trend in Melbourne. You know what I’m taking about artsy meets hipster meets industrial therefore you drink out of jam jars. However I digress.

The all-day menu includes a mix of sweet and savory options of course it comes with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Their brunch game is strong brunch, they offer  14 dishes to choose from and an assortment of ‘wingman’ options. I loved the menu but I can already hear the voice of my husband saying I just want a simple eggs, toast and bacon.The menu isn’t for someone looking for predictable dishes. Things that Laura and I loved was their menu it’s amazingly designed and same with their logo.

So what did we order you might ask, we pretty much had a drink party. We ordered a mork hot chocolate, matcha latte, chai soy latte, 2 x fresh orange juices.

Food wise we ordered:

  • Pineapple bircher muesli, toasted coconut, sheep milk yoghurt mousse, lime sherbet [v].
  • S’more chocolate waffle sandwich torched house marshallow, cookie parfait & crumble, salted caramel, chocolate fudge [v]
  • and of course the eton mess from the specials menu.

Staff: The staff were really amazing and very friendly even it being a pretty busy morning.

Food: Absolutely delicious

Atmosphere: Really warm and inviting

Instagramable: as you can see from my photos plenty to Instagram about.

The verdict

I’ll definitely be back soon!

Mayday Coffee and Food
410 Bridge Road

Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder Makeup Collection

I love Victoria Beckham she is classy AF. I don’t think this collaboration had as much media cover or hype as Kendall Jenner’s collab but either way Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder Makeup Collection. Limited edition, released 13/09/2016.

Let’s start with the packaging. Sleek and sexy and I feel very classic. The lipsticks have ribbed cases, the liquid eyeliners have lids to match, and of course they have been initialized with VB.

You can buy this collection from and

Okay lets run through what’s included. All prices in USD.

Eye Palette

Its an Eye shadow palette which is pretty self explanatory Six Shades

  • Black Nutmeg – Shimmery copper
  • Blonde Cumin Soft – beige with gold tint
  • Burnished Sage – metallic deep green
  • Fired Sapphire –metallic turquoise
  • Grey Amber Nearly black- Charcoal grey
  • Metal Saffron Warm- golden metallic honey

Morning aura Illuminating Crème

part brightening primer, part moisturizer, contains micro-pearls to instantly illuminate and brighten

Highlighter and  Bronzer

Apparently this VB favourite highlighter is the shade Modern Mercury and only one Matte bronzer shade was released too. – java sun

Eye Ink and Eye Kajal

Eye Ink  is pretty much this is Eyeliner with a  pressed gel-creme formula. Only released in Black – Black Myrrh. Eye Kajal is a double-ended eyeliner in black and beige.

Eye Foil and Eye Metals Eyeshadow

Eye Foil is liquid eyeshadow with a high-shine vinyl-like finish. Released in two colours  Blonde Gold and Burnt Anise. Eye Metals Eyeshadow are High shine powder eyeshadow also released in two colours Green and Gold, Charred Emerald and Bitter Clove respectively.

Lipsticks, Lip gloss and Lip pencil

In total 4 products released. So the lipsticks had two shades, one matte one crème. The matte is orange- red – Chilean Sunset and the creme is a nude – Brazilian Nude. Lip pencil nude-brown – Victoria and the lip gloss is warm nude – Moroccan Heat


The whole range is very nude, with the exception of the eye shadows, I personally think it was make for really good makeup must haves in your beauty bag, if it wasn’t limited edition.

What are your thoughts?



Its almost summer and this is a serious topic ladies and gentlemen, Sunscreen. Scientific evidence supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize short-term and long-term damage to the skin from the sun’s rays. Here is a quick list of sunscreen you can buy

Anthelios XL Ultra-light SPF 50+

I use this one, I find it isn’t to oily or greasy. I find that I can easy add it to my beauty routine.  It’s extremely lightweight has fast absorbing formula. It doesn’t leave the white residue some sunscreens do and I can apply it under my makeup.


Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+

To Save Face applies like moisturiser, I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.2293779

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+

I think this is the perfect way to incorporate sunscreen into your daily beauty routine. Having sunscreen in your CC cream you received all the benefits of a CC with the added bonus of sunscreen.zoom_f538ac997a5121b40159115a6b36f40c00c406c0_1462862533_it_cccream_fair_web

Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50

Great light weight moisturizer adsorbs really quickly into the skin. Perfect for everyday wear as its not a heavy or oily on the skin however, it is the most expensive out of all my recommendations.dermalogica-age-smart-dynamic-skin-recovery-50ml

Basic foundation buys

Face Basics

While the best way to have amazing skin is to have an awesome skin care routine. It doesn’t hurt to have a little help that doesn’t break the bank.

The 3 things you need are foundation, concealer, and powder.

The most important thing to note when choosing these products is your skin tone. In order to get the perfect match, you should always test the product on your face, your wrist is not the same colour to your face. I don’t know why people forget this all the time. Your skin gets so much more sun then your face.The best way is to be in-store with the help of a beauty assistant.

Here are some brands that you can get pretty much anywhere.


  1. Maybelline New York FIT me!
  2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
  3. Australis Concealer
  4. Rimmel London Clear Complexion Powder
  5. ModelCo MINERAL POWDER – My favourite

Kylie Jenner’s Lips

Shop all three shades at, where each set retails for $29 USD

Our bottles 😍 #lipkitbykylie #KYLIECOSMETICS

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Say hello to “Dolce K,” “Candy K,” and “True Brown K.”
All three lipsticks fall into the neutral makeup category, but the colours are super diverse and will work for many different skin tones from fair to dark. Each kit includes one matte, liquid product and a coordinating liner. They are said to super matte and quick drying.


They are completely SOLD OUT now. The site posted high traffic notice and of course the has been a flood on ebay, prices range from $42 -$250


I didn’t get to share in the madness but after the dust settles a little big more I would love a set. Did you guys manage to get one?

Kylie Lip Kit Matte Liquid LipSticks. #lipkitbykylie #KYLIECOSMETICS

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Shop Miss A

I’m sure that most of you are no stranger to Mecca or Sephora, but recently I discover a little beauty! Shop Miss A. Everything is $1usd.

That’s right you read it right $1usd with shipping free if you spend over $30, US only. Shipping to isn’t free but at $10 its not bad. I was really excited about this site because it has plenty of Elf products that aren’t stocked here. The only issue is international shipping takes a long.

I’ve ordered my products and now we wait.

So the site is:

This post was not sponsored or paid for, I just wanted to share the love

2015-11-23 13_02_12-Shop Miss A.png

Kardashian beauty

A while ago priceline had a 50% haircare sale, I know I mention Priceline all the time, but I can’t help it they have a store near my work and the staff their are amazing.

Anyways I was happily spending all my money when I came across the recent in stock Kardashian beauty range and well I thought what the hell, it’s 50% off.

The Full range includes hair brushes, Ceramic Hairstyling Irons, hair dryers but they don’t sell that at Priceline (yet).

I brought Take 2 Dry shampoo,  Black Seed Dry Oil and Smooth Styler Blow Dry.

What I’m interested in trying K-Body Volume Foam, Pure Glitz Hairspray and Take 2 Dry Conditioner. I have never dry conditionered before I like the idea of it.

So first impressions of the range, I don’t like the smell of Black seed.  The packaging is adorable and really glamorous. It is however on the pricey side of things.

Kardashian Beauty Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream

What the packaging says: Kardashian Beauty Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream is a lightweight smoothing cream that creates sleek and smooth styles with restored shine. This light hold moisturizing cream with Black Seed Oil eliminates frizz and flyaways while helping hair resist humidity and thermal styling damage, keeping hair chic and glamorous.

What I think: It is really lightweight, the Black seed smell isn’t overpowering in this one and you will actually need a lot of this is prevent frizz and flyways, but then again my hair is really long. I used it when my hair was damp and then blow dried it. My hair did feel all nice and soft after.

Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil

What the packaging says: Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil is a nutrient rich treatment and styling aid that rejuvenates and nourishes hair so it appears strong, thick, smooth and gloriously shiny. This ultra light formula is easily absorbed, instantly nourishing and smoothing to the hair with no residue left behind. Experience the luxury of pure Black Seed Oil for the ultimate glamorous finish.

What I think:  The black seed oil smell is super strong with this one. In saying that I have grown to like the smell LOL. I use this on dry hair and I find the oil non-greasy and lightweight. It makes my hair so sleek and nice. The Black Seed Dry Oil appears to be flagship product of the line.  Kim herself has said that she uses it on her daughter North’s hair to tame it when she’s styling it and she said she used it on her body during that Paper Magazine photo shoot. So Guess what I did I put it on my legs and it was fantastic.  Bottom line it makes your hair shiny and healthy looking.

Kardashian Beauty Take Two Dry Shampoo

What the packaging says: Kardashian Beauty Take Two Dry Shampoo revives limp, lifeless hair by instantly absorbing excess oil and impurities that weigh hair down. This fast drying waterless spray, formulated with rejuvenating Black Seed Oil, extends the life of your style by refreshing the roots and providing a pure foundation for layered styling, creating the ultimate finish.

What I think: I’m in love with this dry shampoo, more in love with any dry shampoo I have ever used. I feel as if I just have the right hair type for the product because I know some people aren’t raving about it as much as I am, but I LOVE IT. I would even say using this makes it feel like I just washed my hair. IT’S AMAZING. The best part of it though is that there is no residue on my hair, whether I use it day of or the night before. My God I love this. Dirty hair I don’t care.

I when I got it thought it was going to be like every other brand however, I have been really surprised with the range and I love it. I highly recommend it. I know it is pretty expensive here in Australia but it is seriously worth giving it ago.

Pictures of me and my hair. Enjoy

 anyways love you xoxo