Time to Prime

The first step to achieving a flawless, long wearing foundation base is Primer! There is a reason why its a crime not to prime. However slapping on some primer that you brought from the store isn’t enough. If it helps, think of your face as a canvas, the cleaner the canvas, the easier it is for the makeup to slide effortlessly onto your face and the less likely for it to become oily and transfer off!


The first step is exfoliation and it is a vital step as it allows for the shedding of dead skin cells; this provides an opportunity for the new layer of fresh, plump skin to be revealed. This allows for a fresh clean base for foundation to sit on.


The next step is to prime the skin. Primers are essential for creating an even application of foundation as well as aiding in longevity. Primers are often reactive to heat and therefore application with your fingertips works best, gently massaging the product into your skin. Whilst primer is an essential part of creating a flawless face, one primer does not fit all, which is why it is important that primer is chosen based on the your skin type. If you’re in doubt ask for a sample, many makeup stores like Mecca and Sephora will give you a sample to try.

After this step you are ready to paint your canvas!

Tips on choosing the right primer.


If your skin tends to be more on the oily side should look for matte or oil free primers.


If your skin that is generally “normal” but may experience slight oiliness through the Nose or forehead you are fairly lucky and you are able to try pretty much any product however something oil free will help with your oily T-zone.


If your skin extremely dry, you need to apply a product that will protect and hydrate the skin. For dry skin it’s best if you try and sample different primer as you need to work out what works best for you.



People will stare, may it worth their while

Smashbox For 25 Years Our Lips Have Been Sealed Palette

This new lip palette serious has a long name.

Smashbox is celebrating 25 years in the beauty industry and it is doing so with a super cool product: The For 25 Years Our Lips Have Been Sealed Palette! The palette is a limited edition. 25 shades of lipstick for 25 years.
The palette is currently available at Sephora for $75US and comes with a pro lip brush.

The shades include:
Lori (classic red matte)
Sandra (light pink matte)
Tina (vivid violet)
Jessica (honey nude rose)
Kim (light red berry)
Michelle (fuchsia matte)
Kate (bright raspberry)
Avery (neon pink)
Angie (soft peach)
Dean (fig)
Ashley (mauve pink matte)
Andy (bright red orange matte)
Davis (true red)
Nina (hot pink)
Jennifer (bubblegum pink)
Jane (plum matte)
Peggy (neon purple pink matte)
John (bold coral)
Starr (pink)
Matthew (warm raisin)
Christina (true red matte)
Annie (caramel matte)
Kelly (deep plum)
Phil (mauve nude pink), and
Robert (pink red)

Smashbox’s #SHAPEMATTERS Palette

New  Smashbox Palette includes four face powders, nine eyeshadows, a brow wax, two brow powders, and a double-ended brush. It’s like the must have palette for your makeup kit.

Get the details here or buy one for $65.00. At the moment you must be a VIB Rouge or VIB to qualify for this product.
This set contains:
– 9 x 0.049 oz Photo Op Eye Shadows in Vanilla, Totally Nude, Champagne, Stripped, Posh, Platinum, Sumatra, Aubergine, Blackout
– 3 x 0.37 oz Contour Powder in Contour, Bronze, Highlight
– 0.12 oz Highlighter in Glow
– 2 x 0.04 oz Brow Tech Powder in Taupe, Soft Brown
– 0.04 oz Brow Tech Wax
– Double-Ended Shadow/Brow Brush
– Interactive Get The Look Cards (Brow, Face, Eye)
– #SHAPEMATTERS inserts with basic shaping steps

I love Smashbox, but at $65 USD just about everything in this palette has to work decently, or it’s not worth buying. Like if the contours don’t work well with me or the eyeshadows that’s $65USD that I’m not unhappy about. I might hold off on this one and wait for the reviews before I get one.

Beauty Boxes

Subscription Beauty boxes Australian edition

So I recently join yet again another beauty box subscription, this time moxie box club. It’s a really simple idea. Moxie send you 5 items for $30 and you get to pick which 5 and when roughly your box gets delivered. Their instructions are

  1.  Fill your box
  2. Join the club ( it uses pay pal)
  3. Your box arrives

So now I wait for my box to come…. Insert crude joke here. I really like the idea of this, I personally have no issues buying fem items. I’m a person who buys it in bulk from Costco or every time I see it on sale. Same with toilet paper. There is sooooo much toilet paper at my place. Continuing on. Here are my favorite subscription boxes.

  1. Bella box ($15)
  2. Her fashion box ($39.95)
  3. Lust have it ($19.95)
  4. The parcel ($29.95) – Quarterly
  5. Dollar shave club
  6. Harvest Box
  7. Paw bag
  8. Loot crate 

Bella box, Her fashion box, Lust have it and The Parcel are beauty boxes. Subscribers receive monthly(/quarterly) beauty products and samples delivered directly to their address. I don’t recommend having all 4 boxes. I recommend trying all 4 for 3 months. The subscriptions you can cancel at any time with no fees. Then pick your favourite, having all 3 is SAMPLE OVERLOAD. 

There are plenty to choose from, it really depends on your personal taste and budget.

The Dollar shave club is a great way to get razors for the clean shave and never have to you a dull blade ever again.

Harvest box delivers yummy snacks to my desk on the days I select , which if you choose could be every day!

Paw bag is for my baby dog. He loves tearing everything apart. 

Loot crate is my inner gamer/collector/nerd haven, they send cool stuff gaming, movie and comic relates

Purple Lipstick Shopping

So yesterday I went purple lipstick shopping at Mecca Maxima.
I love going here the staff are amazing, plus they are happy to help you find a color from any brand they stock.

We only tried 3 in store due to time and color matching with my skin tone.
I learnt something from all this, my natural lip color is very pink unless it is high pigmented lipstick, anything sheer will look pink/reddish on my lips.

Brand: Smashbox
Range: Be Legendary Lipstick
Color: Vivid Violet
Price: $26.00

This was the darkest of the purples I tried. It went on really well. I love the Be legendary range, they are long lasting yet creamy.

I totally would recommend this lippy and color, but it wasn’t want I was really looking for.

Brand: Stila
Range: Color balm lipstick
Color: Gemma
Price: $29.00

This lipstick color was absolutely gorgeous, it has the most mild tingle when applying, I think this is the minty balm component however it didn’t go on as smooth as the smashbox lippy. I recommend using a balm first before applying this lippy.

Brand:  Too Faced
Range: Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick
Color: Violet
Price: $28.00

This color is AMAZING. It was my clear favorite. However word of warning with this particular range your lips need to be in perfect condition, if your lips are peeling this isn’t for you. This lippy will last a long time however it will dry out as it drys matte, I recommend applying with a lip brush.

As much as I love it, it’s not for every day use, but it was our favorite. In the last picture that my bestie Trung giving his pout of approval.

I will make another post of the purple lipstick I have purchased to play around with soon. xx

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