Winter – Feet

Its FREEZING…. enough said.
I have no understanding how some people function in this cold and especially the ones who look amazing in the freezing cold.

Celebrities seriously give me issues, I know a New York winter is like 10x worse than what I’m getting and then you see someone looking FLAWLESS. I’m lucky I even made it out of bed.

Meranda Kerr, always looks amazing


I’ll see some ad with a girl looking like above.
Seriously girl put some pants on!

But Winter isn’t all bad. Winter for me is like prep season. Prepping my self for summer.

Lets start from the bottom.

Let’s be honest: out of all our body parts, feet are probably the most gross. In saying that I love a good foot massage.

So lets takes some steps to make them less gross and all pretty pretty.

1. Soak them

Make a little foot bath by filling a bucket with warm to hot water. I like Hot water because I sit my feet in there forever! You can add like Epson salt or foot soak that you might like for that spa feeling

2. Scrub them

After you have soak them and now the skin is all nice and soft, use a foot scrub or file to remove any dead/excess skin. You can keep them in your bucket and then throw all the mess down the drain later.

3. Maintain them

This is now the perfect time to cut and file your nails.

4. Moisturize them

Find your favorite foot cream and give your feet a good rub down, depending if you’re going to paint them or not, you can now slip on some bed socks to keep them hydrated all night

5. Paint them

Pick your favorite nail polish color and give your toes a little love and now every time you look down at your feet you won’t think about how gross they are.